Mini-HI (Mini Health Informatician)
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About Mini-HI

Health Informatics and technology (HealthTech) are revolutionizing the industry with health(care) facilities being required to maintain electronic records for every patient, providing researchers and clinicians access to data they have never been able to leverage before.

This systemic change comes with the need for professionals (E.g. IT Professionals, Health IT Professionals, Bio-medical Engineers, Physicians, Nurses, Paramedical and other Health(Care) Professionals) working in the health(care) industry to be equipped with necessary skill-set to maximize if not leverage “the new possibilities”.

The Mini-HI program is the 'essence' derived from the numerous training programs Adam has developed for Companies (solution providers, consulting firms etc.), Health(care) Providers, Professional Societies and Institutes of Higher Learning over the years.

A unique program, the Mini-HI goes beyond an essential or basic course (which often leaves participants walking away thinking Health Informatics is IT, resulting in failed implementations) by "Bridging the eHealth Divide" among professionals working within and around Health Informatics (which in the modern world - means everyone working in health, healthcare and medicine), empowering participants to apply the relevant concepts, theories and practices to real-life situations, helping them decide, design, implement and/or adopt Health IT, Information Technology etc. as an enabler to achieve better health outcomes in their facility.

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