Mini-HI (Mini Health Informatician)

The BinaryHealthCare Collaborative Outreach Programme (BCOP) is an initiative established specifically for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) and Research Institutes to;

    • Share, exchange and develop cross-border knowledge creation in the areas of Health Informatics, Digital / Smart Health (including Precision Medicine) and well as context-driven innovation
    • Promote and expand collaborating institutes' (relevant) educational programmes and research initiatives among the BCOP network 
    • (For developing economies) Capacity building of local Health Informatics expertise to serve as enablers in their own economy

    Scope of BCOP includes;
    • Provision of visiting faculty to the collaborating institute
    • Prof. Adam CHEE will be serving as the main faculty but this is not guaranteed
    • Language medium: English
    • Grants covering;
    • Operational costs (e.g. relevant license fee for the Mini-HI program or other relevant content)
    • Logistic cost (e.g. Airfare or other relevant travelling expenses)

    For more information, please contact BinaryHealthCare via the enquiry page.


BCOP is made possible by grants from;